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07 March 2008 @ 09:07 am
This was far too adorable to not gush about;

Baby Ren

I know right?! :D

It's a screencap from a Safety film for Randells Food Markets. Some of my friendles have probably seen it's on both TX and XOC now. Major thumbs up to lostvoodoo for finding it. 

I think if I were in high school with her (technically I think I was born the year she graduated, but minor detail) her, I would have the most heart breaking crush ever.

I don't think I should even attempt to insert the video, so it might be easier if you go go and squee here; 

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02 March 2008 @ 01:53 pm
Oh gods. University is, is....Ugh.

I have not seen a X:WP episode in a week. The last one I watched was King of Assassins. Oh my god, Gabby's "...You have a heart of gold" :) is SO cute. I always rewind and watch it a bunch of times. 

Uni last week was okay, because it was the first week and we weren't expected to do anything. There's a lot of reading to be done, that can only be found in the big freaking library that is always jammed pack full of people. After class all i want to do is run home and sit on XOC. The reality of actually doing that seems really slim. 

I havn't made any friends. I did the "Xena" test on two people, that means I randomly brought up Xena to see their reactions. Neither was interested and the second one, word for word was like "That show was dodgy. Didn't she, like hook up with that Gabriella chick?" FTW. How can I get on with people who think Xena is lame?

Xena is beyond a tv show. Xenite is an identity. To have Xena shunned, is like having a great part of your own heart, shunned. I know that most of it comes from ignorance, that thoes who laugh at the show, have absolutely grasp on what it is or what is means to so many others. *Sigh* I would love so much, to meet a Xenite at uni. Hell, i'd settle for a geek of any kind actually. Just to have someone who understands where you come from and won't insult you for it.
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21 February 2008 @ 03:08 pm

Don’t you hate it when real life gets in the way of your fandom?!

Well like a few hundred thousand other people in the Southern Hemisphere, I am about to start a new chapter of my life. I’m about to start university. Now being a Xenite, I see the world through chakram framed glasses.

It’s how I cope *shrug*.

So, in my head, I’m attending the Athens City Academy for Preforming Bards. Just because I’m not a kid anymore, it doesn’t mean I can’t pretend. Okay, well I’m not studying English Lit or anything, I’m studying History (yay), Anthropology (yay), Sociology (scary) and Geography (scary).

I went to actual campus the yesterday for a "Survival at Your Library" tour and to buy text books. The first thing that occurred to me was, how freaking huge the place was. I mean HUGE. It’s like it’s own self-contained world complete with pharmacy, dentist and tourist shop. Not really how I would imagine an ancient Greek bardic academy.

What it did remind me of, however, was Cloud 9 from Battlestar Galactica. That’s the luxury ship biodome that’s fashioned after Caprica. Basically it’s like Earth in a ship. Clear blue skies, trimmed green grass, lots of flowers and fancy buildings.

It’s beautiful, neat and, very artificial.

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05 February 2008 @ 09:17 pm

I'm sorry I haven't posted the anything about Gabrielle's pacifism. I should never promise to post things because I rely too much on random inspiration to write such heartful things, such as anything about the Gabster. I will post one day though!

Firstly, I want to thank everyone who comments on my entries at any point. I know I don't always post a lot of comments on your entries. I'm very sorry, I'm just never sure of how things I could say, would be perceived by you guys, seeing as I am only just learning about you through your entries. I do adore you all though. :) 

Speaking of adoration...Everyone from XOC on my friendles list (and non-XOCers!), you guys better come to the 2010 con!! I don't know where the plans at for other people, but to me it's like this gigantic glowing sun in my future. 
Coming from Australia is the most expensive part, from Perth, the airfare is $2000. TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS. I envy everyone who lives in America. I'm 18 I don't have a lot of money, nor a job but I have to come up with quite a bit of cash in the next two years. All for three or four days of heaven at a Xena convention. Is it worth it?

Anyway, I plan to enjoy the Hades out of it if I get there. I want to wear a costume, but i'm not sure which one. I was thinking Gab's AFIN2 armour, and i'd have my AFIN tattoo by then too. That'd be awesome. Still...Money is the main issue. :(

Note: I got Boogeyman 2 yesterday. Have I ever mentioned I love Renee? ^.^

24 January 2008 @ 05:01 pm

Stupid frakkin piece of CENTAUR DUNG!! I just wrote an entry and the page randomly refreshes it's self.

Okay, I just ordered Boogeyman 2! I had to wait for it to reach ebay AU, and it did a few days ago! Dr Jessica Ryan, you’re mine now! On that note, how many interviews has Renee had lately?! I don’t know whether it’s because of Boogeyman 2 or because she’s gain more recognition for interviews since the thestream.tv but it’s fantastic. I think we’re up to three (?) interviews in the past few months. My favourite though, remains the Ausxip Burn Relay interview from last year.

Ohh, and Ghost Town’s official on it’s way to being put on DVD. What an excellent time to be a ROCer. I don’t know where The Genesis Code’s at or if it’ll ever makes it way onto DVD for fans outside the US.

Now, if only I were in LA at this moment getting ready to march with other Xenites for the writers strike and then on my way to the convention and Lucy concerts. Alas, I am many thousands of kilometres away, pining. Again. This is the second Burbank convention since becoming a Xenite that I’ve missed.

What else is going on? Ooh, Camp Amazon. I seriously had a huge fantasy daydream about an Amazon Camp and then one day *clickity* onto Ausxip and HELLO! Unfortunately, it’s way too expensive to even consider. Even four days for $1790 is too much for my bank account (plus air fares). Actually, my entire life savings is only like $2500. That’s meant to be for "future travel and investments"…In other words, my savings towards the 2010 con (and Xena-Renee-Lucy stuff). :D

Wow, I can ramble aye? Okay, really quickly finishing thoughts; I forgot how much I loved watching Xena. I mean I spent countless hours doing Xena-related stuff like reading fanfiction, making graphics, going on XOC etc. I just figure it’s time to get back to my roots and watch five episodes a night again (like the good old days *dreamy sigh*). Yesterday and today I watched If The Shoe Fits, Paradise Found, Devi and am about to watch Between the Lines. It bothers me that I don't know every episode like the back of my hand. Figures I'd want to start doing Xena studying as soon as I enrolled at university, huh. I have to work out my priorities, or a timetable or something.

So, I will post more about the Indian Arc, Gab's pasifism and ITSF's later. Thoes are the direct topics on my mind right now.

15 January 2008 @ 02:17 pm
Random character (and one of Lucy in Spiderman) icons!

Follow the lyrical cut.

And so it goes...Collapse )
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03 January 2008 @ 06:37 pm

I enter the new year fully equipped. Thank the gods for ebay. 


Package.jpg picture by janeontoast

From an acorn, will an oak grow.

Package2.jpg picture by janeontoast


12 December 2007 @ 08:36 pm
Ha! I'm so silly. 

I was so excited about Renee's live interview thingy on stream.tv that I spaced out on remembering that Wednesday in Australia is not Wednesday in America. So I came home at lunch time going "EEEEE RENEEE!!" then realised that it was Tuesday for the US, not Wednesday...So, coming home at lunch time tomorrow to be there. So. Excited.

I'm still on a CSI trip. I bought season six the other day when we were buying my Christmas present, which is a Battlestar Galactica boxset! It has the mini-series, seasons 1, 2 and 3 in it. Channel 10 are bastards and havn't aired season 3 yet so huzzah for lots of Lucyness on the 25th. 
Going back to CSI, season 6 has Bite Me in it, with Dr. Buffy aka Hudson Leick's character with a biting fetish. Also, Sheeri Rappaport (Otere, the cute Amazon in AITST I & II) as Mandy the lab rat. OH, and Melinda Clarke as Lady Heather ala Velasca, of course. She really is quite beautiful. 

So there ya go, Xenaverse girls have their finger prints in the CSI pie.
26 November 2007 @ 09:46 pm

I cheated on my fandom...but I feel like my fandom cheated me. 

This is an old topic, something some (most?) subbers have been bitching about since 2001, the water transfer. Note, the sarcasm! I'm onto this now in particular because I've been watching GSR (Grissom Sara Romance, from CSI) clips on Youtube. Finally, after EIGHT years, there was a proper kiss. Huzzah! It was the same with The X Files, eight years before the *real* kiss, and i'm not even into MSR (much more a slash girl, surprise, surprise).
GSR and MSR are the ships i'm using as my examples, there are probably more out there in the same situations. A pairing of two characters that are so obviously meant to be together in the end, then after many years, officialy recognised by TPTB.

I squeed at the GSR kiss. Then I thought, why wasn't I this happy during the water transfer?! This struck me as particularly odd because sometimes I don't even remember to watch CSI, but Xena, Xena consumes my life. Heh, obsession much?

I don't understand why we had to have a disguised kiss. They've kissed before! In  waaay back SEASON TWO for 
the love of Aphrodite.

Anyway, feeling particularly cheated right now. Damnfreakingwatertransfer.

MSR.jpg picture by janeontoast

MSR: The world didn't end.

GSR.jpg picture by janeontoast

GSR: About time.

XGR.jpg picture by janeontoast

X & G: ...This is what we got?

04 November 2007 @ 01:09 pm

Callisto.jpg image by janeontoast   Xena-2.jpg image by janeontoast   Eve.jpg image by janeontoast   Alti.jpg image by janeontoast

Would Xena have killed Eve, had Alti’s soul had replaced Callisto’s?

I was watching Them Bones, Them Bones the other day and it occurred to me, what would have happened had Alti successfully exchanged Callisto’s soul for her own. In the episode they never actually mention Callisto as being the baby’s soul but that’s how I’ll refer to it.

I think the first place to start, is to compare the souls of Callisto and Alti. Callisto was born an innocent child and the events in her life were what drove her to do the things she did. It was anger and hate that manifested themselves to drive her to what she became, eventually loosing the thread between vengeful and psychotic.

I know that some people don’t like Callisto’s redemption, but I thought it was fitting end to her character. I don’t think Callisto would have ever let go of her anger if it had not been for Xena’s divine intervention. The hate ran too deep in her soul to want to fight the darkness. So, up went her soul to Heaven, encountering Gabrielle and then helping Eli (with the permission of God, I suppose) to resurrect our heroines. With her magical touch, she gave Xena a child and la-la-la, Seeds of Faith, then put her soul into the growing baby.

I won’t pretend to know what exactly a soul is or what is carried in a soul. Was Eve growing up into Livia made easier by the fact that Callisto’s soul carried a past, still unfulfilled, hate? Is part of Callisto’s, now Eve’s soul, made up of evil? Do souls all carry the same amount of evil, and you just have to choose to fight or submit to it?

On saying that, Alti’s soul was evil. Pure evil. We do not know Alti’s past, but we know her future Alti, was not a Callisto. If you go by the unproduced Sticks and Stones script, Alti has always been evil, and X&G have always fought against her.

So we know that Alti’s soul; past, present and future is destined for evil. Callisto’s soul, being reborn as Eve the messenger for Eli, indicated that their soul is not evil.

So, coming back to Them Bones and if Alti had replaced Callisto’s soul with her own. Would Xena kill baby Eve, the reincarnation of Alti? There’s another tangent to this question, that of Hope. Xena was willing to kill Hope, even in infant form because she believed she was evil. So with Hope, she came from Dahak and gestated in about a day. Baby Eve came from and angel and would have spent about 8 months in Xena’s womb with Xena being maternal and waiting for her child to come into the world. That would make it a lot harder to see evil in baby Eve then in baby Hope.

When Eve was Livia, with the aforementioned non-evil-Callisto-soul, Xena was going to kill her if it came down to that. Again, that soul was saved by another divine intervention. Anyway the point is, Xena was prepared to kill her own daughter even if there was a chance of redemption. If Alti was reborn in Eve, Eve would be destined for evil and Xena would know that there is no redemption for her child.

Do I think Xena would have killed Alti/Eve? It’s a very difficult question, but no, I don’t think she would have. Nor would Gabrielle. I honestly don’t believe that Xena would be able to kill Eve, no matter what. Killing Livia would have been different I guess because she was an adult who Xena had never known, despite their blood connection. If you’re thinking, "Well, it wouldn’t do much good killing her anyway because her soul would just be reborn somewhere else!" you’re very clever. I was thinking if Eve/Alti was killed, the Amazons would have known a way to bind/destroy her soul or something.

Anyway, so that was a long rambling entry based on a question without much of an answer. If you read it, good on ya!

What do you think Xena would have done?